Q. Can we use printed labels for addressing our wedding invitations?

A. Traditional etiquette says that your invitations should be hand addressed. If you would like information on finding a calligrapher, please contact us and we can help. Or, consider enlisting the help of friends and family whose handwriting you admire.


Q. Can we include our registry info on our invitations or save-the-dates?

A. Including registry info on the wedding invitations or save-the-dates is still considered impolite because it can come off as though you’re asking for gifts. Tell your wedding party, parents and close friends where you are registered, and let them fill guests in. If you are being thrown a shower by a friend or loved one, they can include registry information on their correspondence. Also, if you have a wedding website, you can include your registry information there.


Q. Why do I have an outer and an inner envelope?

A. Originally, an outer envelope was used to protect the inner envelope from any damage that might occur. Now, the inner and outer envelopes have a different purpose. It explains exactly who is invited to you wedding.

On the outer envelope, the guests’ formal address is hand addressed with full formal titles:

Mr. Joseph Smith

100 Park Ave

New York, New York 10003

The inner envelope is kept safely inside. Guest names are handwritten to indicate just who is invited to the affair:

Mr. Smith & Guest

If you do not intend to extend a guest for Mr. Smith, the inner envelope tells him that by simply writing:

Mr. Smith


Q. What is the proper way to assemble my wedding invitations?

A. The invitation is placed in the inner envelope, facing printed side up. Enclosures such as maps or reception information are on top of the invitation. Lastly, response card is tucked under the flap of the response envelope and placed on top. If your enclosure cards are different sizes, go in order from largest to smallest. Text of all enclosures should be facing up, so guests will see it when they open it up.

The unsealed inner envelope gets inserted into the outer envelope, with the flap facing down, so that the handwritten guests’ names you’ve put on the inner envelope are visible when they open the invitation.


Q. My guest RSVP’ed for 4, but I only invited 1! How should I handle it?

A. If you run into this problem, it’s completely acceptable for you, or whom ever is hosting your wedding to contact the overzealous respondents and explain that the size of your venue or wedding budget won’t allow you to add extra people to the guest list.


Q. My guest sent in an RSVP card, but didn’t include their name. What should I do?

A. To avoid this common predicament, we recommend you create a master list of invited guests’ with a corresponding number associated. Keep that list in a safe place. When assembling your invitations, write the number of the guest on the upper left, back side of your response card lightly in pencil. A guest will rarely turn it over, and if they do, they probably won’t notice it there. If a response comes back without the guests(s) name, you can refer back to your master list to find out who it is from.


Q. How much postage does my wedding invitation require?

A. Every invitation is different, based on what elements you are including. It is imperative that you take your completely assembled invitation to the Post Office and have them weight it for appropriate postage.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or email us. We are happy to help!